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Business Studies: The Significance of Motivation in a Business Environment

Anywhere in the world, there are factors that lead to betterment and improvement in the work. Regardless of any profession or field of work, in general a human needs an element of motivation in life to help excel as the world is moving on a pace parallel to consistent inventions in the technological world. For motivation, if suppose the student is forced by his/her parents to appear for an international examination instead of some local board examination i.e. against the interest of their child, he/she obviously won’t be motivated.

The Vitality of Motivation

Motivation is in itself a great thing that works to clear one’s mind and work with interest and clear willingness. Many times in the world of business, workers/labor/employees feel left out by their employers in a way like they are not given increment in their salaries/wages regardless of it being hourly/weekly/monthly. The sense of motivation is what mostly lacks in big business environments. It is sometimes very important to carry with yourself the interests and willingness of the employees with you. Their presence brings change in your world with different aspects.

When we talk about business, there are only 2 ways through which you can motivate an employee, either cash benefits or non-cash benefits.

Cash Benefits

They include majorly the increment in the remuneration package of the employee. The overall gross or net figure of take home salary is increased so that the employers feel more motivated towards working and more effort and uphill struggle is then expected from him/her. This could also include the paid vacation or picnic for the employee because mankind easily gets fed up of running in the same routine for long duration so for a change such benefit can be offered to the individual. 

Non-Cash Benefits

They are not paid in monetary form to the employee/worker. Many times these benefits are offered to seniors of the organization/business. Like if you are the senior manager, you would be given perks like a company maintained cell phone, a company maintained car and free fuel up to some limit. Non-cash benefits are second to cash benefits because through non-cash benefits anyone besides the individual might not get benefitted from such perks as compared to cash benefits which ultimately affects the individual’s family.

What we need to know is that not always such benefits are claimed by every individual as they bring huge expenditure for the business and so they tend to offer such benefits only to a few that deserve them and have a good performance. One who runs short of the performance, in most cases they fall back. Since the environment of businesses is mostly dynamic, it is expected that the factor of favoritism might colloid with the opinion of others.


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