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Business Security Systems: A Company’s Best Friend

Without business security systems, companies are placing themselves at risk unnecessarily. It does not take long for criminals to find out the organizations that are not properly protected. Do your research and talk to several of the top security companies in your area. They will be able to discuss your organization’s needs including equipment such as motion detectors and sirens, all of which are connected to a central monitoring station that is manned 24 hours a day. Never do business with a company looking to sell business security systems over the phone. The most reputable and trustworthy groups will arrive in person to inspect the building.

Ignore the appeal of offers that sound fantastic and wait instead until all the details have been worked out in writing. All fees should be included in their quote including equipment, installation and monitoring fees. Make sure you thoroughly check the contract to avoid being stung with hidden fees. Only deal with businesses that already have a good reputation in your region and who offer customized business security systems. They should also be able to install quickly and have the capacity to train your staff. It is important that they are a member of an accredited alarm organization such as the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA).

Commercial Alarm Systems

It is astonishing that think that there are less than 10 manufacturers of commercial alarm systems in the entire United States. They provide thousands of dealers with this equipment who are then responsible for selling and installing the goods. These systems are designed to combat theft from criminals and employees. They consist of a host of equipment including infrared sensors that can detect movement. All components of commercial alarm systems are connected to a central monitoring station. Once the alarm is triggered, the employees of the monitoring station phone the police who rush to the scene. Old-fashioned loud alarm systems are being replaced by silent alarms that enable the police to stealthily catch the criminal in the act.

Considering their importance, commercial alarm systems are relatively cheap. Installation can be had for as little as $200 with monthly fees extremely reasonable at $40. There are extra charges such as additional fire alarm systems which may cost $25 per month but this is a small price to pay for security. It is important to note that commercial alarm systems cannot be set up to dial 911 if triggered. This is illegal and could result in a hefty fine or even a jail term. Having an alarm system can also save businesses up to 20% on their insurance.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems take security a little step further. This is a system designed to keep unauthorized personnel out of certain rooms and areas of a building. It is an ideal method of protecting sensitive information in an organization consisting of hundreds or even thousands of employees. Access control systems usually include electronic keypads stationed at certain points of a building. Employees who try to enter a restricted area are blocked and cannot proceed unless they have the requisite credentials. It is possible to purchase a system which requires fingerprints and even an iris scan. These systems can be connected to monitored alarm systems and CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras.

Access control systems are far more expensive than their commercial alarm systems counterpart. It is cutting edge technology which is a means of justifying its price. Installation can cost anywhere up to $2,500 per door which quickly adds up in a large building. The aforementioned iris scanning system is the ultimate in security measures but costs $10,000 or more per door. Companies should be careful not to alienate their employees by over securing the building. It can be a frustrating experience being asked for credentials every time you move from one room to the next. The most important areas are on your building’s perimeter. Concentrate on making it difficult for unauthorized personnel to enter your building and the rest will follow.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are a must for modern companies. This involves the use of CCTV cameras which can monitor the movements of staff and customers alike. Video surveillance systems offer comfort to a business as they act as a deterrent. Would-be thieves who know they are being spied on by a camera are less likely to act in a criminal manner. Other equipment includes recorders and monitors which help companies save video evidence if any wrongdoing occurs on their premises. Usage of hidden cameras are on the increase as organizations look to catch criminals in the act. It should be noted that recording audio is illegal in most states and should not be attempted.

The total cost of video surveillance systems naturally depends on the supplier but they usually cost around $1,000 per camera installed. This does not include the cost of the recorder however. Yet the costs also depend on whether you want traditional cameras (up to $250 each without installation) or hidden cameras (up to $5,000). Cameras do not come with lenses with the prices of these also varying greatly ($300 for fixed focal length, $2,000 for automatic zoom lenses). Even the monitors can vary from $150 for a CRT model to $4,500+ for a flat screen version.

Business security systems may seem expensive but they can quickly repay the investment. As already mentioned, companies that have security systems can expect to pay up to 20% less on their insurance. Also, all it takes is one theft to occur in order to completely ruin a company. Small businesses in particular cannot afford to be the victim of a robbery. Business security systems may not totally prevent crime on your premises but they make it less likely that crooks will attempt theft and vandalism and more likely that they will be caught if they do. Incidentally, all business security systems should come with a minimum 90 day warranty.