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How To Transform Your Backyard While Increasing Your Bank Balance

It is really a shame to see so many backyards that are simply neglected. Perhaps it is the advent of modern technology which is keeping people so busy that they don’t even look at their backyard anymore. Or maybe life is too busy and stressful in general? Yet even with long hours and strict deadlines there should always be time to relax. This is why you should take a second look at your backyard. That lush, green pasture is yours and yours alone. Why not celebrate the fact that you have your own private space by adding backyard accessories such as a hot tub and swing sets? While you’re at it, you can use this opportunity to go green with solar panels. Read on to discover how to make the backyard your own private Utopia while putting money in your pocket.

Hot Tub = Backyard Vacation

Let’s face it, even those who love their jobs experience occasions when it all seems too much. Lack of sleep, pushy clients/bosses and irritating co-workers can make even the best job a disaster zone on occasion. This is why you need to have somewhere to retreat to when your long day is done. Which sounds more appealing, sitting on a sofa slouched in front of the television or soaking in a relaxing hot tub, sipping cocktails while still watching the ball game?

You may imagine that the cost of a hot tub is excessive but, regardless of what Ian Fleming and James Bond say, you only live once. Besides, it is possible to pick up a hot tub and all the requisite chemicals for approximately $3,000 with a multi-year guarantee. If you have some spare cash lying around, you could choose a more extravagant hot tub with dozens of jets for that extra feeling of luxury. If you’re concerned about the weight of the hot tub, don’t be! As the average hot tub is spread out over a large surface area, the amount of pressure placed on the ground in your backyard is less than what the floor underneath your refrigerator experiences. When buying a hot tub, don’t forget to purchase chemicals such as Bromine tablets, Ph Plus and Water Clarifier.

Keep Your Kids Amused With A Swing Set

Now that you have taken care of yourself, it’s time to keep the kids happy. Despite the fact that they too will love the hot tub, you may elect to buy them a swing set to keep them occupied or simply to keep them away from your relaxation area! Most swing sets come in either plastic, wood or metal. Plastic swing sets are easy to install but don’t tend to last very long. Metal swing sets are sturdy, can withstand all weather conditions but can be a pain to install. Yet the real problem begins if you try to remove it. Once a metal swing set is installed, it is a costly procedure to remove it. Wooden swing sets are the best value for money so long as you choose wood that has a reputation for toughness and durability.

Basic swing sets cost a couple of hundred dollars with the most advanced sets available for approximately $4,000. To be fair, the expensive products look more like an adventure park than a mere swing set with slides, climbing rope and other features. Regardless of how much you spend, your child’s safety is of paramount importance. Always choose swing sets with rounded edges as flat-edged sets can prove dangerous. Also, make sure that there are no nuts, bolts or any other objects protruding from the set. It’s easy for a child to fall and hit their head.

Feel Good With Solar Panels

SUNTOP garden structures are all the rage in the modern era. They protect a surface from the harmful UV rays of the sun. In your backyard, why not make the sun work for you? Solar panels are fast becoming a popular ‘green’ solution to our energy problems. Opponents of solar panels always try to stress the expense involved in setting up a working system. However, a host of tax and state rebates has rendered their argument null and void.

Once you have installed solar panels, you will have solar energy for decades with most units carrying a life span of between 20-25 years. Thanks to the aforementioned rebates, your house could be powered by clean energy for less than $10,000. A house burning an average amount of energy per month could save more than $13,000 on their energy bill over 20 years if they pay the standard $6 per watt installation fee and receive a $3 per watt state rebate and the 30% federal tax rebate. Governments worldwide are desperate to convert people to green energy. Fight Earth’s corner and save thousands in the bargain!

Have It All, And More!

How great would it be to have a sunny weekend off work where you can soak in your hot tub, watch your children enjoy their swing set while enjoying your wide screen television powered by the solar panels on your roof? If this sounds far-fetched, here’s some mathematics for you:

  • A high-quality hot tub costs you $5,000
  • A top notch swing set accounts for $1,500 of your cash
  • You pay $14,000 for solar panels to power your home

This is a total cost of $20,500. Seem too much? What if I were to tell you that your normal energy bill for the next 21 years would be approximately $27,000 (Taking into account inflation)? With the above backyard accessories set, you’ve spent a little over $20,000. This means that you can have a hot tub, swing set and significantly help the planet while still having $6,500 left over. Life’s not so bad, is it?