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Safeguarding Your Company’s Data

Thanks to the Internet, data is flowing like an out of control fire hydrant. However, the stream of data is much more valuable than low-quality water. Hackers and other scrupulous people are hiding beneath these data streams, looking for valuable content that they can take for themselves and do damage such as credit card numbers. If you are responsible for your company’s data, this is a large problem that must be tackled proactively especially if you handle critical data such as classified information or financial data.

Enterprise mobility refers to the security of a company’s mobile initiatives. Your company is likely very mobile with smart phones and laptops. When employees were stuck with desktop computers, security was easier as all of the machines were readily available to ensure that they were up to standards, and they were very difficult to steal. But with mobile devices, your staff may never even see most of the devices. But you’re still responsible for ensuring that company data is safe on them. So how do you do it?

Enterprise mobility solutions allow company data to move through a secure server that you maintain. This allows your staff to know who is accessing data and when to ensure that no surprises pop up. By keeping information and data on your own server, your company’s data stays off the cloud. While the cloud may be convenient, it is not safe, as you do not control who has access to it. You also don’t maintain the security. Every time company data is put into the cloud, you are placing the security of that data into someone else’s hands. When there is a data breach, your superiors certainly won’t take too kindly to hearing no one was sure who had control over the security of the data, as it was in the cloud.

Having the data on your server also allows your staff to control who has access to the data. This is especially important when a device is stolen or lost. A lost device can be disastrous depending on what data it has access to. But by using an enterprise mobility solution, you can restrict access. You may also declare who has write access to files, and who has read only. This prevents data manipulation to ensure that information remains accurate.

Your company’s data will continue to flow through networks, so it’s up to your company to ensure that it remains secure. When your data is secure, so is your company.