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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Security Camera?

Security cameras have been around since 1960 when Thai metropolitan police use two of them to monitor crowds waiting for the arrival of the Thai royal family. Since then, the installation of video surveillance systems have been used to detour crime hot-spots and to monitor crowd activities in casinos, banks, stores and even in parking structures.

Understanding Surveillance Devices

Changes within technology have made the cost to install video surveillance system devices interesting. Surveillance in general had gone one step forward. People have the ability to use cell phones as cameras and live video feeds. The combination of camera, software and wireless technology has the ability to be a non-stop variety of observation.

The homeowner will need to understand some things when it comes to monitoring and having the best components get the job done This is where the understanding of material cost and installation of IP surveillance comes into play.

The following is needed for a surveillance system to operate properly:


  • A pc or a home computer containing the pre-installed software;
  • Wireless security cameras stationed anywhere desired;
  • A digital video recorder or network attached storage system;
  • An USB receiver plugged up into an outlet;

An estimate summarized listing of system fees would include:

  • LCD monitor along with 2 digital cameras: $500
  • NAS items complete with 1 tetra byte of memory: $200
  • A licensed electrician available along with four hours of installation fees: $350
  • The price of cameras:

The cost to install cctv system devices could have altered prices from what was presented above due to technological changes, however, options and prices vary according to the owner. Take for instance, a company may not charge the homeowner for costly software. Instead, the company would just require the homeowner to just log into the company website in order to witness what is being recorded on the video surveillance system.

A LCD with 2 Digital Cameras

LCDs along with digital cameras have surpassed the old black & white televisions with the stationary cameras. Now there are expensive packages available as an alternative that ask for manual support of camera configuration to your MAC or personal computer. When the link is successful, these computers offer a home network of advanced base of operation via your lap top or mobile phone. The prices of such an undertaking could be anywhere of $100 along with monthly membership fees.

NAS and DVR Systems

NAS and DVR systems are great investments when it comes to home surveillance. These two expensive items have the ability to retain the data recorded by cameras. The NAS has the ability to hold up to 4 tetra bytes of footage memory. On average, a NAS can cost a homeowner up to $500. Before the DVRs came into play, the VCR was what was commonly used. Now the DVR has taken over all responsibilities that once belonged to the VCR.

DVRs are cheaper and are known for being hooked-up to satellite broadcasts. This device is wonderful when it comes to transferring digital information to the dvd. It is a pretty good alternative for a NAS system if you wish to transfer video images.

An Electrician Should Stand By

If you do not know how to hook up anything, seek the help of a professional. It would not hurt because he/she knows how everything functions and is a valuable asset. Also, if you do not feel like dealing with the setting up of such equipment, well then that is when an electrician comes in.

The Price of Cameras

Camera costs vary dramatically today as they did yesterday. The cheapest digital cameras go anywhere from $100 and could reach as much as $950. The differences associated with these cameras, of course, are the abilities. Cameras with great tilt zoom and pan will always cost more than the ones bolted into a motionless position. The best cameras even have microphones, audio out jacks and Wifi functionality without the usage of the pc.

If cameras have wireless sensors, their prices may be even more. For instance, there are cameras with the ability to detect sound, motion and changes in temperature. Cameras such as these are known as smart cameras. These devices start recording when an event is detected. The prices for these cameras can start anywhere from $300 each. They send out alerts or images whenever something happens via a local area network connection.