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Owning a small business provides many rewards but also comes many responsibilities. As well as taking on of the success a business may have to offer you also need to be aware of all the risks, and take the right precautions to minimize these. 

One of the first things you may think of when it comes to safety around your business is probably building security, good locks and alarm systems. Alongside this there is the vitally important safety concerns regarding any staff, so you will need to have the right health and safety procedures in place. And of course there are the usual fire alarms and smoke detectors that every small business must also have to ensure that it is safe and ready in case of an emergency.

Once you’ve taken care of the basics and ensure that the property is safe and secure from trespassers or burglars, and that it is properly equipped to alert you and your staff in case of fire so you can make a quick exit, you need to think about the additional safety issue that a business needs to be aware of.

What about minimizing damage once an accident or emergency occurs such as a fire? For many small businesses from a restaurant to an office with a simple computer room, to a multimillion pound database centre, installing a fire suppression system can be hugely beneficial. 

Fire suppression systems are becoming increasingly popular within small businesses because they offer such an effective way of protecting your property from the effects of fire damage, which can have a disastrous effect on the long-term prosperity of your enterprise.

There are several types of fire prevention systems available including gas fire suppression which works by starving a fire of oxygen or heat and therefore eliminating the fire without causing further damage. 

Many of these systems use safe and environmentally friendly gas and can be used in a variety of different areas including server rooms and battery rooms. The main benefits of such a system is there will be no clean-up operation required as no residue is left by the gas used, and all critical systems are kept in operations, protecting your business.

Water mist fire suppression is increasingly beneficial for business such as hotels and hospitals because it poses no risk to people, guests or patients. This system also works well in restaurants, and in the case of a fryer fire for example, works best as it can prevent re-ignition by cooling down nearby surfaces as well as putting out the initial fire. 

These systems also take up little space and can be fitted to any building whilst retaining its original style and features, key in business such as hotels and restaurants. Many of these types of fire suppression systems cleverly use little water an so there is often very little to clean up, ensuring any down time is short and business can continue as normal as quickly as possible.

When setting up a small business or reviewing the current safety procedures of an on-going business ensure that fire suppression systems are included, and minimize the devastating damage a fire can cause whilst ensuring safety at all times.