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Top 5 Swing Set Suppliers

 The days of using old tractor tires tied to a horizontal bar overhead as swings are long gone. Swing sets are now commercialized with thousands of companies around the world vying for the dollars of parents looking to provide their children with a wonderful playground experience. Despite the fact that technological advancements such as the internet and video consoles with remarkable graphics threaten to rule the home, kids will always be kids which means there is room for swing sets and other playground merchandise in the market. However, parents cannot compromise on quality and need to locate reputable companies whose equipment meets all health and safety standards. Below are the top 5 swing set suppliers of 2011 who can turn your backyard into a playground.

5: Creative Playthings

This company was founded in 1951 and is still growing strong towards the top of America’s swing set market. Creative Playthings claims that there are more swing sets created by their company in American backyards than another organization. Creative Playthings do not compromise on quality and place great emphasis on children’s safety. All materials and designs undergo strict quality control with their site inviting parents to check out their detailed work.

Parents are also able to view a variety of different designs on the site thanks to their web application which makes browsing easy and fun. Choose between different designs such as Lexington, Chesapeake and Williamsburg, all names of historic American locations. 

4: Gorilla Playsets

A relatively new kid on the block, Gorilla Playsets was founded in 1992. The company is dedicated to creating easy to assemble swing sets and other playground equipment. Gorilla Playsets choose only the strongest and safest lumber before measuring, cutting and sanding it to perfection. Because they use pre-milled lumber, Gorilla Playsets can be assembled in less than half the time of a normal playset.

In terms of safety, Gorilla Playsets really make the effort to educate parents. On their site, they have a lengthy article on the safety of children when on a swing set and have charts detailing the impact of falls from certain heights on particular surfaces. Gorilla offer simplistic swing sets or more elaborate products like their Blue Ridge Chateau playset which may cost more than $3,500.

3: Swing Works

This company is located in Georgia and focuses on a wide variety of playground equipment. As well as the usual commercial and residential swing set products, Swing Works also creates custom-made merchandise for its customers. Regardless of whether you want tailor-made tube slides or crawl tube assembly, Swing Works will create it for you. 

Most of the swing sets offered by Swing Works are detailed creations with prices ranging from $900 to $2,400. Indeed, many of these sets resemble miniature treehouses with slides and swings attached. It is a sign of the modern era where the bare minimum just doesn’t cut it with consumers any longer. Swing Works is an organization that keeps up with the times and creates swing set masterpieces.

2: CedarWorks

This company began as a small store in Maine in 1981. It started creating high quality swing sets and other playground equipment but its fortunes did not improve until it was purchased by Duncan Brown in 1988. He oversaw a terrific expansion with his son, Barrett, continuing in his father’s footsteps since being named president in 2000. At the time of writing, CedarWorks sells swing sets to all 50 states and 20 countries worldwide.

The company’s success is based on simplicity. CedarWorks sells five main play system product lines with dozens of accessories and structures. All CedarWorks products are made from Cedar wood and carry a five year guarantee against wood rot or structural failure.

1: Willy Goat Toyland

This company is renowned for its high quality toys but its swing set capabilities have been overlooked for years. Willy Goat Toyland arrived online in 2000 and hasn’t looked back since. Its 31,000 square foot facility ensures that it has a huge range of merchandise with swing sets to suit everyone. Perhaps its best feature is its peerless delivery system. Few companies can match its same day delivery service which has garnered praise all over the nation.

Willy Goat Toyland sell wooden and metal swing sets of extraordinary quality but unlike other organizations, they have simple sets alongside their more expensive products. For example, you could order their Andorra Wooden Swing Set for approximately $350 this morning and have it in your backyard in the evening. Willy Goat Toyland has raised the bar for customer service and other companies must follow its lead.

A quick glance through the product range above will show you that swing sets are no longer generic affairs. There are an immense array of designs available, all of which guarantee fun and excitement. The five swing set suppliers outlined here also produce equipment that is among the safest in the industry.