Tips For Purchasing A Hot Tub Online

A hot tub is seen as a luxury item by many, but what a luxury! There are few things more rewarding in life (and more likely to get you through a particularly rough work day) than coming home and having a relaxing soak in your hot tub. Opponents of hot tubs will suggest that they are nothing more than a display in largesse but proponents (and owners) of hot tubs have no qualms after purchase. Indeed, many consider it to be one of the best purchases they have ever made.

So what do you need to consider when buying a hot tub online? First of all, you should decide whether you want the hot tub indoors or outside. In general, indoors is not realistic due to the size of the unit so the backyard is the prime location, so long as it is fenced in. After all, seeing an unguarded hot tub may be too much to resist for passers by!

Size Matters

The next step is to decide just how many people you want to accommodate. Naturally, the cost factor has to be considered. There is no sense dreaming about being the owner of a luxurious new hot tub if you cannot afford it. Expect to pay anywhere between $2,500-$8,000 for a hot tub that holds up to four people. Those looking for privacy will look for a small unit whereas individuals looking to invite friends and family over will seek something a little bit more substantial. However, expect to pay upwards of $15,000 for a larger tub. Bear in mind that the quoted prices include installation. Of course, you could purchase the hot tub and try installing it yourself but this is time consuming and unless you are a professional in this sort of thing, installation can become disastrous very quickly.

The price also depends on what you’re looking for. The majority of people use a hot tub to soak in, rendering jets irrelevant. If you’re not looking for a tub with a host of bells and whistles, you could save thousands of dollars. Ask yourself what the tub will primarily be used for. Do you really need fancy jets, fiber optic lighting, expensive cover etc? A hot tub is a major purchase but doesn’t have to be an extravagant one.

When deciding where to place the hot tub in your backyard, take some chalk, a rope or a hose and outline where you want the hot tub to be located. This visual perspective makes it a lot easier to decide where to place your new purchase. It is also important to take into account factors such as privacy, proximity to electrical circuits and how easy it is for hot tub users to access it.

Avoid Second Hand

A real issue is deciding whether to play it safe and deal with one of the top hot tub suppliers, a lesser known one or try and save a few hundred or thousand dollars by purchasing a second hand model. With the recession hitting hard, it is understandable that people are reticent to pay full price for anything but you are urged to reconsider any notions of buying a second hand hot tub. Too many things can go wrong and if you’re willing to spend a hefty sum on something, why not do it right and pay for premium quality?

The old saying: "buy cheap and pay twice" has never been more pertinent than with a hot tub. You may find a fantastic deal online from a supplier or individual who offers a second hand hot tub but when making this purchase, you better be prepared (and adept) at DIY. First of all, you have to consider the process of moving the spa from the seller’s property to yours (in the event you buy from an individual). Then you have to correctly prepare the site, set up the wiring and also take charge of decontamination.

There is also the danger of being ripped off. If someone tries selling you a three year old hot tub that once cost $7,000 for $3,500, you may believe you are getting a good deal until you discover companies offering brand new units with free delivery and installation for around $3,000. On top of this, you aren’t getting guarantees with second hand hot tubs bought from individuals. Stick to top rated companies such as Arctic Spas and Barefoot Spas that offer top of the range hot tubs with delivery and installation included in the price as well as a minimum 3 year guarantee.

Final Tips

When purchasing a hot tub online, take great pains to find out more about the company selling the product. Find out how long they have been in business, how strong their network is and how good their customer service is. It’s important to find out if they honor their warranties as well as discovering whether or not it is easy to find and purchase replacement parts. You also need to know if the tub is energy efficient (an inefficient tub will cost a fortune in energy bills) and if the tubs sold by the company are known to leak. Finally, do some research and look for customer reviews of the organization you are looking to deal with.

Once you have your pristine clean, brand new hot tub, you’ll be the envy of your neighbors. Just make sure you clean the hot tub regularly with the requisite chemicals. Check the cleanliness of your water often and cleanse when appropriate. Make sure that there are bromine tablets in the floating dispenser and keep your tub covered when not in use. Dirty water is dangerous, especially for anyone entering the tub with minor cuts.