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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Wood Burning Stove?

An efficient wood burning stove can heat your home more affordably than other methods. Modern wood stoves can be used to heat a specific area in the home to reduce heating costs, or to heat the entire home if you want to become more self sufficient while saving money. There are several types of wood heaters to choose from, including radiant, circulation, and combustion style heaters.

Choosing A Heater

Radiant heaters are among the most common types of wood burning heaters. An example is a traditional potbellied heater. This type of wood burning stove is also among the least expensive options to purchase, but may not heat as efficiently as newer models. Circulation heaters are among the best to choose when you want a highly efficient heating system. Make sure that, whatever style of heater you choose, a damper is installed. A damper will help you control the heat output better and can also reduce the amount of wood used in heating your home.

Wood stove costs can vary significantly depending on the style you choose. Some models are as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars, while others cost a thousand dollars or more. Pellet stoves, for instance, cost about $1,000 to purchase in addition to the cost of installation. The amount of space you need to heat is an important factor in deciding which style of wood burning stove you choose. If you want to heat the whole house with wood, you may want to consider investing in a wood burning furnace that is installed in the basement or outside the home. The furnace will need to be professionally installed to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

The Benefits

There are many benefits when you choose to heat your home with wood. In addition to saving on your heating costs, you will also found that modern wood stoves are more eco-friendly than older models. EPA certified wood stoves release less waste than older models. Wood stoves are also much better at using fuel efficiently than fireplaces, which often leak most of the heat produced up the chimney rather than heating your home. A good rule of thumb is that fireplaces are used for ambience, while wood burning heaters are used to heat. 

If you have chosen an EPA certified wood burning heater, you will also use less fuel when compared with older wood burning heaters. The cost of wood can vary by region, but in general your fuel costs will range from two to five hundred dollars per season, with larger wood heaters using more fuel than smaller options. One thing to consider is that wood stove costs can quickly be canceled out by the amount you save in traditional gas or oil heating, even when you include the additional cost of home insurance that comes with using wood heat. Most homeowners see an increase of less than $100 in their insurance costs per year when switching to wood heat.


Wood burning stove installation prices can also depend on the region you live in, as well as the type of heater you are installing. For example, a potbellied stove or circulating wood heater are fairly quick to install, while 

a wood burning furnace may require more time and resources for installation. The pipes needed for installation should be purchased along with the heater, although some installation teams may provide the needed pipes at an additional fee. You may also prefer a professional installation over a DIY installation to ensure safety or for insurance purposes.

Finding an installation team in your area is the first step to getting your new wood heater installed. Wood burning stove installation prices in your area will typically be less than the cost of a new wood burning stove. The store where you purchase your heater may recommended an installer, but if not you have other options. A local heating and cooling company may be able to install your wood heater professionally. Another option is to look for a professional team that specializes in wood heater installation.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing and installing your new wood heater can range from $1,000 for a standard stove to $5,000 for a furnace style heater. You will begin to see savings immediately after the heater is installed, however. You can save further by purchasing a modern heater that is EPA certified and by buying your wood from local sources, or by chopping and splitting your own wood. You should avoid using green wood since it doesn't burn as well as seasoned wood. Green wood can also cause buildup in your stove pipes.

After your wood heater has been installed, remember to have the pipes cleaned at least once a year, preferably before you begin using the heater in the fall or winter. With a wood burning stove your home can be warm and comfortable for a fraction of the cost of heating with natural gas or oil.