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Top Tips For Renovating Your Patio

Are you tired of looking out of your window at that unkempt, yet potentially breath-taking, patio?  Ditch the fading bench, chipped patio paving and dying plants, and realise that there are so many possibilities for renovation and decoration.  Try having a look at all aspects of your patio and figure out what exactly could be done to spruce up this area.  Use these helpful tips as your guide to a new and improved patio area.

Water Features

Adding a water feature can immediately increase the ambience, aesthetics and even value of your terrace area.  The soft trickling sound of the water will provide a tranquil atmosphere for you to enjoy, as well as dulling any unwanted noises such as passing traffic.  Depending on available space, you could opt for a large floor fountain or just a small table top one.


Whether it's to provide shade from the beating sun or shelter from the drizzling rain, some form of shelter is always a good idea.  A simple canvas sheet can block the sun's rays or keep you dry while still looking stylish.  Alternatively, a pergola can also provide your patio with shelter while giving you the opportunity to let your climbing plants grow up them.


Walking back inside from your patio and dragging bits of dirt and leaves with you can be very annoying.  When choosing your patio paving, go for something that's smooth and shiny, something that's easy to sweep unnecessary dirt off.  Polished marble or timber flooring are some safe choices, marble perhaps more pleasing when you are outside barefoot.


What else are patios for if not for those late night barbecues and family gatherings?  Getting the right lighting will help you create a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere.  Try going for a dim light with a warm, reddish tint as this will immediately send a pleasing glow over everything on your patio.  Umbrella lights, outdoor torches and decorative string lighting are all good options.  A fire pit using fire pebbles can also give off a nice light as well as some warmth.


To increase your patio's aesthetics even more, add some plants.  Potted plants, hanging baskets and climbing plants all provide a natural, wondrous feel and can also help attract the hypnotic sound of a bumblebee as he buzzes around your flower garden.  A good idea would be to position the flowers around the edge of your patio paving, away from where you will be sitting so as to avoid any unwanted confrontations with the aforementioned bees.

Outdoor Seating

Now that you've updated and decorated your patio, I'm sure you want to sit outside and enjoy it.  Wicker chairs and benches can be very comfortable when coupled with plump cushions, while also providing manoeuvrability and flexibility as to where you can put them.  Deck chairs will also allow people to lounge about, again adding to the relaxed, lazy feel.

Outdoor Serving

A fixed barbecue is always a welcomed addition to any patio space as it provides the option to eat delicious food everyday outdoors.  If positioned underneath a shelter, you can even use it when the weather isn't so great out.  It also gives you the opportunity to host small get-togethers while serving up some quality food.


Written by Alex Girardi, who recommends Quality Driveways for patio paving.