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Generators are usually thought of after the fact, for example there was the awful weather last winter that knocked power out and left people thinking “hmm, maybe we should invest in a generator”, But that isn't the only use for a generator, I've given you a list of my top 7 uses for them, and yes, I have cheated slightly and given emergencies as one of the reasons but hey, its something to think about!


Heavy snow, high winds and intense thunderstorms all have the ability to knock out our power supplies, and you don't realise just how much you depend on that power until its gone and... oh dear the heating, cooking appliances and lights are now off. Generators can be a serious life saver at that point, not only can they be linked up to electric heaters and lights, they can also be used to power a cooker too. Certainly something to think about when the next winter rolls in.

Super Shed

When I was younger my dad decided to set up an office in a large shed around the side of our house, instead of running a good deal of cabling around the outside and crossing his fingers that water didn't seep in to the plug sockets and mice didn't chew the wires, he invested in a generator. His little super shed, as it came to be called, was well heated, well lit and still had enough energy left over to run his PC, Phone and let him listen to the Archers.

Endless Night time Parties

Outdoor parties are so much fun, but there always comes that point where the candles and the tiki torches just aren't banishing the darkness well enough. That's when everyone seems to heave a little sigh of 'it was fun while it lasted' then begin moving the party indoors. With a generator you wouldn't need to do that. Not only would you be able to hook it up to a warming plate to keep any buffet food deliciously warm, but it would also be able to power the sound system and numerous fairy lights. Hurray! We can keep on partying!

Building Contractors

When you watch builders working hard on a new building the last thing on your mind is just how they are powering their tools. Yet if you think about it, its a brand new building, it doesn't have plug sockets or any power going in to it yet, so how are they managing to get that drill working? Portable Generators are helping out contractors all over, especially those out rebuilding roads in the middle of nowhere! I'm sure repairs would take twice as long if they went back to breaking up the road by manpower.

Camping... or Glamping?

I'm all for being outdoors, I love running about and wandering around woods, but I tend to head home when the night sets in, I miss my creature comforts of lights, well cooked food and a good radio programme. But I may change my mind on the whole camping thing if I'm allowed to bring a generator along as it would mean I'd get a few of those home comforts out in the wild.

Remote Living with Creature Comforts

Some people just want to get a way from it all and live in a quaint little house at the back of beyond. This used to mean that you'd have to forgo electricity, but it doesn't any more. Generators mean you are now able to leave in your dream location, be that in the middle of a flower filled meadow or perched on the top of a hill in the middle of nowhere, and you don't have to miss an episode of your favourite TV show or eschew lights or heated water. Moving to a desert island suddenly seems a little tempting.

Vari is all about planning and any way she can achieve her perfect moment which is why she's giving some serious thought to generator hire.