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Office Water Services Buyer's Guide

Many small business owners and large enterprises are considering office water delivery to improve employee morale and decrease illnesses. Water delivery service is convenient and affordable. This buyer's guide will help small business owners recognize the benefits of water delivery service. Review this buyer's guide before selecting a vendor for service.

Benefits of Services

Office water delivery is an excellent service to offer employees. Water is healthy and keeps employees energized. Water delivery service is less expensive than individual bottled water and is better on the environment. Many people prefer the taste of bottled water service and the convenience of the water. Whether hot or cold, bottled water is a service most employees enjoy.

There are two types of water services: Bottled and point-of-use. The benefits of each type of service will be explained:

Bottled. Bottled water solutions are more cost effective than individual bottles of water. Every month between three and five bottles are delivered to the office. The jugs are typically made of plastic, and the size is typically between three and five gallons.

The maintenance is minimal with bottled water solutions, but there are some precautions to be taken to ensure safe and clean drinking water. Since contamination is possible at the open reservoir where the bottle meets the water cooler, employees must wash their hands before changing the water bottle. The reservoir should be cleaned every three to six months.

Point-of-Use. Customers that use 50 or more gallons of water per month will be better served by a bottleless solution. Point-of-use is more cost-effective for companies with heavy water use. Point-of-use makes use of a filtration system to filter water from the tap. This solution is more eco-friendly because no bottles are required. The water is simply filtered and delivered to every employee as desired.

There is also less maintenance required with bottleless water cooler solutions. Because the solution is bottleless, there are fewer chances of contamination with this solution. In fact, bottleless solutions use UV light to kill contaminants.

Expected Costs

Every month, offices can expect to pay a fee for the convenience of offer water delivery service. For bottled water delivery, vendors can expect to pay between $6 and $9 per bottle every month. The final costs will depend on the number of bottles needed. Filtered water or point-of-use coolers typically only require a monthly charge of approximately $35 to rent the system. Installation fees and cancellation fees may also apply.


Both filtered and bottled water are high quality. Since studies have shown that drinking eight, eight ounce glasses of water daily will improve energy levels, concentration and mood, high quality water is a necessity. Drinking water will also decrease employee absence because of illnesses. Both filtered and bottled water have fewer particles per million when compared to tap water.

Tips and Advice

Sanitize the Reservoir. The water reservoir should be cleaned every three to six months.

Save Money with Point of Use. Large offices can save money by renting a point-of-use water cooler instead of buying bottled water.

Purchase Office Water for Safer Water. Bottled and point-of-sale is typically safer than tap water. As a perk for employees, bottled water and filtered water may be offered in the business environment.

How to Chose a Vendor

Before selecting a vendor, business owners must ask the following questions:

What types of water solutions does the vendor carry? Some vendors only carry one solution. Determine how many solution a vendor carries before the final selection process. Some options may include: Mineral water, spring water, filtered water and bottleless water cooler solutions.

Is there a contract? If so, how long is it? Many bottled water companies will require a one to two year contract. Some will offer month-to-month contracts, but the costs per bottle may be more expensive.

Does the vendor handle maintenance? Some vendors will provide annual preventative maintenance. The maintenance may be incorporated,or it may be free. Customers should inquire with each vendor. Determine what fees, if any, are associated with emergency maintenance. The maintenance people should be responsive should the need arise.

How often is the water delivered? Every vendor has a different water delivery schedule. Select the vendor with the schedule that best suits your business’s need. Typical delivery times include: Every week, every two weeks or monthly.

Are there any other services offered by the vendor? Determine if there are any other services offered. Coffee, tea and break room supplies are common. This may be an added perk that customers desire more from a water delivery service than just water.

Consider These Tips and Advice Before Selecting a Water Delivery Vendor

This guide offers some of the basic tips that small businesses must consider prior to selecting a water delivery vendor. Since many require contracts for the best and most affordable service, it is recommended to perform adequate research before being locked into a deal. Select the best water vendor for your company today.