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Benefits Of Water Coolers For Businesses And Homeowners: Health And Performance

Water coolers are the in-thing at the moment; is this simply due to being a ‘fad’ to have one, whether that is in the office or at home? This article will look at the benefits of what water coolers can have for businesses, homes and more importantly our health.   

Health Benefits

In today’s society it’s not just safe drinking water were after, but water that is seen to be better for us in the long-term, as the country starts to become a little more obsessed with health and living for longer.

So, starting with the health benefits of using water coolers, there are reports that suggest that humans benefit from drinking purified, cleaner water as opposed to tap water. There are recent studies that have found that the difference water coolers can have in comparison with tap water in regards to humans being healthier is quite significant.

Toxins can even be found in plastic water bottles; however, the levels are so low that it is insignificant in terms of affecting our health. However, water coolers must be cleaned on a regular basis in order to keep away germs, a build up of toxins and to keep the water that we drink from the coolers is as clean as possible. There are too many people that simply don’t clean the cooler enough or even at all, which can cause people to be ill. It’s like anything though, everything needs to be cleaned and water coolers are no different.

There is the alternative to bottled water coolers as an option; bottle-less Water Coolers. These do in fact help to reduce the levels of toxins in the water and another great benefit of these types of water coolers is that there is the added benefit of not having to lift and move heavy plastic bottles filled with water.

Benefits for Businesses

Employers should identify that hydration of employees is a must as a lack of water can cause issues, such as lack of concentration, more absenteeism due to illness and so forth. Additionally, it doesn’t matter whether the job is physical or mental as employees would still be affected without being sufficiently hydrated.

There are other benefits, including; saving money over the long term, having a greener business due to less plastic wastage that is almost impossible to recycle, and in turn creating a good reputation in regards to the business and it’s ‘morals’. Also, water coolers are better for our health than drinking tap water, and therefore, could help staff to be more productive whilst at work.

Employers can certainly benefit greatly from installing water coolers in the office and should consider installing a water cooler(s) for employees to use.

Benefits for Homeowners

The benefits for homeowners are very similar to the benefits for businesses in the way that there is less plastic wastage and therefore helping the environment. Furthermore, it’s healthier than drinking tap water and could save households money, especially if they purchase bottled water frequently. So, all in all, it could be a very good investment for homeowners as well as businesses.


Homeowners and businesses can benefit greatly by drinking water from a cooler due to the health and financial benefits that they can provide. Many already realise this, which is why businesses and homeowners purchasing water coolers is not a one off ‘fad’ that will all of a sudden disappear overnight. 


Joshuas, the author of this article has worked in the water industry for several years and has gained vast experience.