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The Jobs Of An Industrial Cleaner

Industrial cleaners have many different roles to their job title; this makes their job very difficult and very hard work. If you think that you have a difficult job sitting at desk all day, then you may want to try a day being an industrial cleaner. When people hear the job title ‘cleaner’ most people assume that they are going to have quite an easy job, however there job does get quite complicated! As they have many different job roles, they have to be trained to use lots of different machinery and equipment. Some of the tasks which they have to face include:

Oil Recycling

Most industrial companies will now use oil in the manufacturing process so that they can complete the intended job. However from this, you will be using a lot of oil. Most businesses will not know what to do with the waste oil which they obtain so they will hire an industrial cleaning company to their business to come and take control of any waste oil they have. An industrial cleaner will then come to their business and collect the waste oil. The waste oil will then be separated and recycled where it can be returned and used again.

Hazardous Substance Removal

Many laboratories and other companies will use hazardous substances; however once they have used them they often struggle to understand to what to do their waste. There are many different rules and procedures in place which companies have to abide by to ensure they dispose of hazardous substances carefully and safely. An industrial cleaner can come to the business and come and collect any hazardous substances and dispose of them safely and legally.

Soil Cleaning

If soil has been used for one purpose and is the finished with, you can hire an industrial cleaner to come to your business and come and collect the contaminated soil. In many cases the soil and be cleaned through and recycled and then later reused for growing. However this is not always the case and you may need contaminated soil disposal.

High Pressure Water Jetting

Industrial cleaners are in charge of bringing high pressure jets to different businesses to clean a variety of surfaces. High pressure jets are popularly used in laboratories to clean surfaces from any hazardous chemicals. They can also be used to clean out blocked drains.

Emergency Response

If a business has a spillage of some king, such as oil or chemical spills and they need it cleaned up immediately. An industrial cleaner can be part of that emergency response team who will move from business to business who have called for an emergency response team.


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