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How Small Businesses Can Benefit From a Professional Cleaning

When you step into your office in the morning, how do you feel? If you're stepping into a chaotic, dirty environment then you'll no doubt feel frustrated and fed up with your workplace, a terrible way to start the day. However, walking into a clean, organised place that's ready to work in can really boost yours and your staff's morale, as well as keeping you organised and productive. That's why many small businesses can really benefit from the skills of a professional cleaner to maintain their premises to the highest of standards.

Professional cleaners offer a range of services including: 

  • Daily or weekly cleans
  • One off and spring cleaning
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • End of tenancy cleaning before you move

This means you can schedule cleaning on a regular basis, or just choose to have certain things done when you need them. This keeps your workplace clean, and ensures your staff stay happy. Professional cleaning is always done to a higher standard than you could manage yourself, and you just need to sit back and enjoy your sparkling new workplace. 


One of the best ways to make the most of your cleaning service is to de-clutter your office and keep it organised. This will mean your cleaner will get much more done in the allotted time, and you can find things when you need them. There's nothing worse than being on an important phone call, or in a critical meeting, and not being able to find things. 

Think about having a clear desk policy, or perhaps even going paperless to cut down on the amount of clutter. Many places also ban their employees from eating at their desks, and this can cut down on the mess that accumulates during the day. 

Making a rota

Different workplaces have different needs when it comes to cleaning, and it's up to you to decide what you need done and when. If you decide to hire cleaners in London, have a think about the best times for them to come in, and what jobs need to be done during the week. Some companies like to have a Friday evening clean, ready for the week ahead, and some prefer a quick clean each morning, it's entirely up to you. Have a meeting with your cleaner, or just leave them a list before their shift and you can return to a completed job.

Impressing clients

If you've been dealing with a potential client through phone calls or e-mails, then it's good business etiquette to invite them to your office. If the thought fills you with dread, then it may be time to look for a cleaning service and get yourself organised.

Think about the areas your client is going to see, and prioritise them for cleaning. This could include:

  • Reception areas
  • Kitchens and toilets
  • Meeting rooms
  • Executive offices

Of course, if they're going for a tour of your facilities, then they'll see the whole place. A deep clean timed before their visit can really help you feel more confident and allows you to get the place looking its best. This also helps your sales team, as they don't have to hesitate about bringing clients onto their home turf to do their thing.

Having a clean, de-cluttered office can really help staff morale and ensures you are more productive. After all, so many of us waste time looking for files and folders, and if we know where things are then we are spared from digging through piles of paperwork. Not only do we act more professional in a clean and tidy environment, it makes our lives so much more pleasant, and ensures time at the office is more enjoyable.


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