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What You Should Know Regarding Steam Saunas

For many people, visits to the steam saunas are rare luxuries only acquired on special occasions. Nonetheless, these regimens can be beyond what is an optional luxury, as really they should be integrated in to the lifestyle of every individual since they deliver numerous health benefits and a sense of well being associated with influencing our health positively. 

A Sauna

Saunas are enclosed rooms heated to temperatures ranging around 170 – 230 degrees Fahrenheit using an electric heater, wood stove or infra red heater, in many cases, the rooms are splashed with water to reduce dryness in the air. The saunas that are heated with electric power particularly become too dry to the extent of causing respiratory irritation, an infrared sauna heats the body instead of the air hence has a more comfortable experience for many uses. Generally, all saunas feature slatted wooden benches that offer places where the heat bathers can either lay or sit down, normally on a towel to sit back and relax from the days stresses.

Health Benefits

When you are in the sauna, the temperature of the skin often increases to above 40 degrees centigrade while the internal body heat may increase up to 38 degrees centigrade, this increased temperature leads to profuse sweating which is essential for eliminating accumulated toxins in the skin via the pores. Steam saunas enthusiasts have always enjoyed the many health benefits that are brought on by steam sauna use, treatments assist in relieving conditions like: stiffness and pain from arthritis, Lyme disease effects and sore muscles. It also enhances flexibility, as well as improves the complexion of the patient positively.

Although saunas have positive health benefits, there are some people who are advised against using the procedures. Among these patients include persons suffering from cardiac problems and high blood pressure.  Professional advice is required before going to the sauna, expectant mothers should also seek professional advice before visiting the centers. Pregnant mothers are particularly strongly advised against soaking in hot tubs because they induce relaxation of muscles that can induce miscarriage. Your doctor is able to help you choose appropriate treatment strategies.

Safety First

There are also general safety measures that persons going to steam saunas should know, among them include the appropriate duration to spend in the program at a go. The time should be limited between 15 and 20 minutes. If during the treatment you feel unwell or lightheaded, exit the program and get medical advice, you might be have a serious underlying health condition. For people with sensitive skin, they should avoid steam treatment or else reduce the time you will get your skin exposed to the heat to at least test your skins reaction at first.

Stay away from any kind of drugs that might suppress sweating or lead to overheating when you are at the steam sauna or even afterwards. In case you are ailing from a fever, sauna is a big no for you. You should also remember to remove jewels before you begin the treatment. Metallic objects absorb high temperature that can cause skin injury. Remember metals are good conductors of heat hence will be able to collect heat at a faster rate, thereby placing the patient at risk of sustaining injuries.


Article written by Andrew Ellis from www.steamandshower.co.uk experts in home saunas and spas