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Reap the benefits of renting sunbeds for your beauty business.

If you are considering expanding your existing beauty business and looking for an opportunity to increase footfall through your door without having to find an initial cash outlay then renting sunbeds could be a sensible investment option. Renting sunbeds from a sunbed rental company can be a cost-effective way of increasing trade for your beauty business.

The tanning industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the cosmetic and beauty-market and facilitating tanning at your beauty salon by renting sunbeds for your establishment; could enable you to generate profits on this beauty trend without having to invest heavily in these tight financial times. By renting a sunbed for your establishment and tapping into this trend with the right marketing offering ‘tanning deals’ means that you can cost to cover the commercial rental as well as increasing cash flow by offering this new beauty treatment to your clients. 

Thinking of where you can facilitate tanning in your salon?

Do you have enough room in your salon to fit a sunbed or upright tanning booth? Most commercial tanning sunbeds are at least 7ft long and need height above the bed to enable access. An upright booth can be fitted into a smaller floor area, with enough height for the tanning unit to open its doors.  Have you thought about what other facilities are you going to offer you clients? Some people like to have a shower before or after they tan and in general people like having a private room where they can change before tanning.  Or are you considering setting up a large tanning room with more than one bed and having changing rooms with lockers for clients to use. 

Responsibilities of facilitating sunbeds at your beauty salon

If you are considering expanding into the self-tanning industry by allowing the use of sunbeds within your beauty establishment; there are strict laws governing the service of providing Sunbeds for the use of the General Public that you should be aware of as tanning facilitators. From 8th April 2011, the Sunbeds (Regulation) Act 2010 came into force in England and Wales. The Act was brought in to prevent the use of sunbeds on commerical business premises by children and young people under the age of 18. The Act also makes it a requirement for users to wear protective eyewear and sunbed operators to provide comprehensive information to all customers about the health risks associated with using sunbeds. As the salon owner you are responsible for training your staff in the safe use and general best practises for the regarding the use of the sunbeds and ensuring your client’s safe use too.

If you are interested in renting sunbeds for you beauty business it is worth looking for  a commercial sunbed rental company that has been serving the beauty industry providing safe reliable tanning equipment across the U.K. and is a known tanning suppliers of commercial sunbeds to independent beauty business with membership of The Sunbed Association. 

The benefit of commercially renting the latest sunbeds provides you and your clients with the newest technology that provides reliable and safe tanning from their sunbeds and upright booths; at the fraction of the cost of buying one outright.  It also takes the hassle out of repairs and maintenance as most commercial rental agreements includes regular service and call outs by qualified engineers as part of the deal. There are also the associated sales of tanning products as well as pre-tanning beauty treatments that you can provide that will also boost sales and increase revenue for your beauty business too.