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Many small businesses are tempted to go for residential broadband when they are looking to find a provider, especially if they are based at home or in an annex. There are, however, many benefits and extras that can be received if you choose to go with a business broadband package.

Special access to the network

Normally, business traffic is given higher priority than residential traffic. This will mean that you will get a consistently strong internet performance with speeds working well at peak and off peak times, and you will not have the level of peaks and troughs that you often get with residential broadband. Residential broadband is actually slowed down so that business connections can work faster.

Specialist customer support

Business broadband is given priority when it comes to customer support as providers understand how important it is that you have good quality broadband. Downtime and outrages are just not an option as they can lose you money and can lead to really serious criticism of the provider.

Often, you will have in-house support for your business, and this can work hand in hand with the business support experts at the internet service provider to ensure a seamless performance.

Excellent data allowances

Normally, business broadband is given a good data allowance. The providers understand that you may have huge files to send, a lot of uploading to do to a website, and even lots of video conferencing and therefore they will accommodate these needs by providing high or unlimited data allowances. They will not slow down your traffic, and you should not be subject to any sort of traffic management policy with a business broadband connection.

Speedy uploading

With a business, it is important to be able to upload fast as well as download. If you have a retail website with a huge number of products then you may need to upload literally thousands of images and will need to do so quickly. Internet service providers understand that large files and fast upload speeds are part and parcel of business activities, and therefore cater for these requirements with fast upload speeds.

Internet security

Data protection is an increasingly important aspect of our business lives, particularly so in the financial services sector. Small and large businesses must protect the information they pass on and store and so many business providers offer free security to protect the interests of the business and the clients they serve.

So, there you have it, some of the extra services that are provided when you go for business broadband such as a service from XLN or PlusNet instead of residential broadband.

Top tip

If you are in an area which can receive Fibre optic Broadband then this is a usually your best option. This is the fastest broadband available and can mean the internet is as fast as LAN computer set ups. Speed is everything and nobody should think twice about paying an extra 10% to get a service that is at least 50% faster,

Phil Turner researched a whole range of business packages before he eventually changed his provider to XLN. Phil found all the information he needed at sites like uSwitch