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When considering a purchase of a system of office cubicles for a small to medium sized business, the person in charge of procuring the office furniture must consider several options. Modular furniture is an investment in the business, so the first consideration revolves around the durability and function of the furniture. When purchasing system furniture for your business, you want to make sure that the furniture is durable and will withstand wear and tear for several years. However, you also want your system furniture to look great. After all, you want visitors to your business space to take you and your company seriously. In order to exude an atmosphere of productivity and confidence, make sure your modular furniture purchase is attractive, up-to-date and coordinated with the rest of the office furnishings.

Other considerations include:

Buying New vs. Used

Buying used office cubicles definitely has a few advantages to buying new ones. The first and foremost advantage is that the cost is between 25 and 35% less than purchasing new cubical furniture. In addition, the company purchasing the used cubes may not be required to assemble the furniture from the ground up. However, you give up the ability to custom-configure your cubicle system, or to select the exact color to match the office decor. You are also getting used furniture, which will most likely not be under any type of warranty. You may find that you need to replace the furniture after just a few years.

Panel-Mounted vs. Free-Standing Systems

Panel-mounted cubicle systems are ones that include the desk and cabinets that attach directly to the panel walls. Free-standing cubicles are those where the wall encircles the desk and storage cabinets. If your business frequently reconfigures the office, free-standing systems would be the better choice. Free-standing systems allow for easy movement and reconfiguration for new desk areas. Panel-mounted systems are great for offices that rarely move their office furniture. Sturdy, panel-mounted systems will stay in place throughout the life of the furniture.

Cubicle Wall Height

When purchasing a cubicle configuration for a small to medium sized business, the person in charge of procurement will be required to determine the desired height of the cubical walls. Cubicle walls are generally offered in three heights: 39“ panels, 54“ panels and 67“ panels. The 39“ walls divide space but allow for a more open office environment. 54“ panels enclose the desk area when the employee is seated, but allow employees to converse of the top of the wall when needed. 67“ panels provide the most privacy by enclosing the desk area when the employee is standing, as well as sitting. Modern offices generally lean toward shorter walls to foster the open office atmosphere.

Number of Employees

Consider how many employees will occupy the cubicle system. This factor will affect many other decisions, such as the configuration of the system. If your business currently employs 20 individuals, but you expect to hire five more employees in the coming year, be sure to plan for the additional seating when configuring the system.

Cubicle Configuration

Before purchasing the cubicle system, consider how the cubes will be arranged. Will the cubes will be aligned against a wall? Will the configuration be arranged in the center of the office, creating a “pod” effect. The configuration of the cubes may impact the purchasers final selection for the furniture. Be sure to consider room for growth when creating the cubicle system configuration. After all, it is every business’ intention to grow. Make sure this is a consideration going in when purchasing a cubicle system.

Cubicle Palette

Another important consideration is the color palette of the cubicle system. Make sure to select colors that coordinate with, or at least compliment, your existing color scheme. In the past, cubicle systems have been limited to muted colors, such as gray or beige. However, a wide selection of colors is available for contemporary systems, particularly if purchasing the system new. Choose a color palette that will provide a welcoming, productive impression for clients and a motivating, engaging workspace for employees. Make sure the color palette is one that allows observers to take the business seriously and properly showcases your current industry or business type.

Purchasing a cubicle system for a small to medium business is an important investment. Before making the move to purchase any system, make sure you have the measurements for the space you intend to use for the system, in-hand. Research the many options that are now available for cube systems and have an idea before you visit a showroom or navigate to a site to purchase the system.

Be sure to plan for growth when planning the cube system. Build growth potential into the cubicle system design and configuration. Finally, shop around and compare prices, service and options when making this important office furniture purchase.