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There are a number of factors to consider when buying a new computer desk for your home or office. It’s not just a matter of finding a desk that looks good. Rather, it’s a decision that can affect a lot of different things – including safety. Let’s take a closer look at some of the basics.

Desks for the Office

Buying a desk for the office requires more thought than buying one for home. The primary concern for office desks is safety. Here is an overview of the things you should be looking for when purchasing desks.

  • Work Space Area
  • Underneath Desk Clearance
  • Edges
  • Materials
  • Prices

Insufficient Work Space is a Safety Concern

Having insufficient work space forces employees to place items in awkward places. Therefore, their body can be strained throughout the day while reaching for objects. This might not seem like a concern but over time this can create a lot of strain on different areas of the body. Companies are finding that it’s prudent to consider this when outfitting the office with desks.

Make sure the Computer Desk has Plenty of Underneath Clearance

This requires that you consider not only the size of the desk, but the accompanying office furniture as well. Lack of adequate underneath clearance can cause problems like decreased blood flow due to the inability to move properly.

Make sure the Edges are Protected

Sharp edges are a safety hazard. Most office desks are rounded or have protectors on the edges to prevent injuries. However, it’s still a good idea to check this for yourself.


Wood is the most common and cheapest material for desks. However, it has a much shorter life span than other materials. Metal desks have the longest life span, but isn’t as eye friendly as wood. This decision really depends on their placement. For example, for places where customers can actually see the desks, then wood would be the best choice.


Pricing for office furniture varies a lot – ranging anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The best way to find the best price is to find a website that offers price comparisons from different companies. Always keep in mind if you’re buying desks for employees that it’s better to go ahead and pay some extra money now rather than risk injury to your employees. That injury could end up costing you tenfold.

Desks for Home

Although this might seem a lot easier than choosing an office desk, there are still several things that have to be considered. Here is an overview.

  • Knowing the Uses
  • Budget
  • Style and Design
  • Size

What will the Desk be Used for?

Knowing what you plan on using the desk for is probably the most important factor when buying a desk for the home. For example, if it’s for a home office, then you need to make sure to have plenty of workspace. It will need to be able to comfortably organize your tools.

Consider your Budget

Having a set amount of money to spend will allow you to decrease the number of choices from your list. Therefore, you should go ahead and get this step out of the way.

Style and Design

Choosing style and design depends on the room where the desk will be placed. It has to match your room. For home offices, the use of the desk will also greatly affect this decision.


Measure the space available before you even begin your search. In addition, if the desk is preassembled, then be sure to measure the doorways that you will have to move the desk through. It would be a nightmare to have the perfect desk and not be able to get it into the room.

Other Useful Tips

There are several things that apply to both office and home desks. These are tips that will help create the perfect workspace for either yourself or your employees.

Business Furniture

Finding the perfect computer chair for the desk is essential. If the desk’s height can’t be adjusted, then find a chair that perfectly accommodates its size. Also, shorter people might need a foot rest to place under the desk. Finally, purchase a wrist rest to place on the desk.

Place Monitor at least 20 Inches Away

Having the monitor too close can cause eye damage. SO be sure that the desk is large enough to place the monitor at least 20 inches away from the user.

Do Not Place Objects Under the Desk

This is actually more common that you might think. People place boxes and other stuff under their desk. However, this is a bad idea. Placing items under computer desks causes restricted movement and uncomfortable postures to the person seated at the desk.