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Making Moving Home Easier For Children

Moving home is a difficult and stressful time for anyone but it could be even more so for a child who is having to uproot their life and may not understand the reasons behind the move. There is likely to be a lot happening at this time and so the last thing you need is an upset child making you want to pull your hair out even more. But as long as you sympathise with what they are going through and take steps to make it easier for them, they will eventually come round.

Here are some great tips on how to make moving time a lot lighter on your children.

Be Honest With Them –

Some parents may think that the best way to eliminate problems is to keep the move under their hat until nearer the date in the hope that this means there will be less time for tantrums. However, this could actually make things worse as your child struggles to deal with everything you are throwing at them all at once. It is a much better idea to keep them informed throughout the process and allow them to be an adult about it.

Tell them that you are thinking about moving and what this will mean to them, but most of all let them know that everything is going to be ok. Take them with you when you go house hunting so they feel like they can have a say in your new home.

Get Organised Early –

Something that is going to compound their disinclination to move is if there are any hold-ups on moving day itself. Waiting around is not fun for anyone but you can imagine how it will affect a child who is not too keen on the move anyway.

To avoid this you should ensure you are fully organised and everything is in place. The packing should not be left until the last minute as this will make everyone more stressed, and the removal company should be booked in advanced so that you can be assured of availability and receive the best deal possible.

Give Them A Role –

A great way to make your child feel more involved in the moving process, and therefore more comfortable with it, is to give them the responsibility for a certain area of the operation. They could be in charge of packing their own things or you could make them head of labelling and give them stickers to put on all the boxes. Find the perfect role for them and watch them relish in making it a success.

Keep Their Possessions To Hand –

When you arrive at your new home they are likely to be a bit bored or a bit anxious with everything that is going on. Therefore it’s a great idea to keep their possessions near the top of the boxes so that you can easily access them on arrival. Set up their computer console for them or give them their favourite book so that they can feel more relaxed and will have something to do whilst you are organising all the practicalities.

Throw A Party –

If your child is particularly attached to your current home and the area in which you live then what better way to say goodbye to it than by throwing a party. Allow them to invite a few of their friends and give your house the send-off it deserves. 


By Chris Mayhew

Chris Mayhew remembers moving home when he was younger and how being involved made the process easier for him. He would recommend The Man With Van Network to anyone looking for a great deal on their removals.