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Having a cup of coffee is an important activity that many people engage in on a daily or weekly basis. Some people refuse to begin their work day without having at least one cup of fresh coffee. Coffee bean suppliers have capitalized on the overwhelming demand for coffee and formulated unique ways to make coffee drinking a treat for everyone by adding different flavors and ways to make coffee drinks. 

Types of Coffee Equipment

Different types of coffee equipment are used to brew coffee in many office settings. You may choose to use the thermal brewing coffee machines, which brews large pots of coffee and keeps the coffee fresh throughout the day. The conventional glass pot burner units may be designed to brew from 1 to 5 cups of coffee at a time; there is a direct water line to measure the coffee. The Pod Brewer coffee machines are very popular with many companies. Using pre-ground coffee pods, the Pod Brewer brews one cup of fresh coffee at a time. The Starbucks single cup brewer machine allows you to manually get a fresh cup of coffee one at a time. The Starbucks single cup brewer machine keeps the coffee fresh throughout the day until it is time to refill the machine with new coffee. The Keurig B3000 allows you to insert Keurig K cups into the machine, and it brews one fresh cup of coffee at a time. 

Prices for Equipment

Single cup brewers are significantly less expensive than coffee machines that brew multiple cups or thermal coffee machines. The retail price single cup machines can range from $20.00 to $100.00. Machines that include special features, such as the Keurig B3000 can range between $500.00 up to $1000.00, depending on where you purchase the machine.

Coffee Flavors and Brands

Many companies are now using an office coffee service to make sure all interested employees receive their desired portions of coffee daily. Coffee service is an important way to promote employee morale, and it certainly helps keep everyone upbeat, especially during long, boring work days. Nowadays, there are so many coffee flavors to choose; this is primarily due to the overwhelming demand for coffee. Tasty premium- flavored coffee beans or pre-grinded coffee beans are the perfect way to start the day. Some popular flavors are hazelnut, toasted almond, Irish cream, vanilla, chocolate raspberry, chocolate truffle, maple nut, French roast, mocha almond, espresso roast and Hawaiian Kona. You can buy these flavored coffee bags in 4 or 5 pound bags or cases of 24, 50 or 100 bags; some of the cases of 24 or more bags include multiple flavors. Some of the most popular brands that may be used by a business coffee service are the Columbian Supreme and other Central American coffee blends, Arabica coffees, Country Inn coffee brands and Seattle Style coffee blends. 

Choosing a Provider

Choosing an office coffee service vendor involves evaluating their services in relation to the prices associated with using their service regularly. Ascertain the various types of flavors and brands that the coffee service provider offers. Most employees prefer to make selections of flavors from a wide range of possibilities. Also, check out the brands, and determine which types of coffee brands the majority of employees prefer to drink. Another important issue, although many people forget to consider this concern is the type of condiments the coffee service vendor provides to its clients. You may also consider finding out the cost to deliver coffee each day and whether the drivers make any special requests for their business clients.

Buying Tips and Advice

Providing coffee to the entire office can be relatively expensive and can use a large portion of monthly expenses. In addition to just purchasing caffeinated coffee, you will more than likely be forced to buy decaf coffee for individuals who love coffee without the extra caffeine or sugar. One of the most cost-saving ways to buy coffee for the office as well as make certain that you have a supply of coffee for long periods of time is to buy in bulk. Rather than purchasing small bags of coffee that may last for one week or maybe less than one week, depending on how many people in your office drink coffee daily, try making bulk purchases periodically from wholesale stores or distributors. Condiments should also be purchased in bulk. Consider the various types of condiments, including sugar, filters, coffee creams and other sweeteners or sugar substitutes, such as Sweet n Low and Splenda.

Supplying Coffee to Employees

If you choose to use a business coffee service to provide coffee and its condiments for your office on a regular basis, you will spend about $70 to $150 monthly for these services. Some business coffee services offer discounted fees for companies who pay for an entire year; the costs for yearly contracts typically range from $300 to $700 yearly. If you choose to supply coffee for your employees on your own accord by purchasing the coffee supplies from wholesale stores or distributors, consider the cost of each case or bag and determine how many cups of coffee each employee consumes daily. Most employees consume 2 to 3 cups a day.